Dyed Clothespins

So, I saw a picture not too long ago, I'm sure it was on Pinterest, but this picture was of dyed clothespins.  They were adorable!! Which got me thinking of all the wonderful crafty things I could do with them...not to mention, they're for sale all over the place for more money than I'm willing to pay, so why not create them instead?!

I set out on a mission to find supplies.  I'd read several different methods to dying your clothespins; Easter egg dye, food coloring & vinegar, Rit dye, etc.  It's too late for Easter dye and I didn't want to purchase anything (gotta save every dime you can, you know?) so I opted for the food coloring and vinegar.

Americolor Soft Gel Paste Student Kit- Culinary Academy 1st Choice!

Here's the food coloring I used.  I wanted to use liquid coloring but had none in the pantry...oh well!

I got this from Amazon, it's Americolor Soft Gel Paste Student Kit- Culinary Academy 1st Choice!.  I think it turned out well...I did add vinegar and water to a pot (although I didn't measure) and heated it up a little.  I'd say start with 1/4 cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of water and little bit of the color.  Heat it up - not too hot, and pour over clothespins.

 Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of this process.  I have got to start remembering to take pictures when the crafty bug hits me!  ;)

I let mine soak for about 15 minutes but you can leave yours in longer if want a darker color.  Also, using the vinegar will make the metal claspy thing to look a little more worn and vintage'y.  So now I have a ton of very swanky clothespins ... what to do, what to do!  :)

I hope this gives you great inspiration to get crafty!  :)

Here's a couple of projects you can make with your dyed clothespins!