About Me

Not too long ago, I would wake up every morning and wonder how I would make it through the day.  I wasn't 'depressed' or anything - I was just tired.  Tired of life, tired of my family, heck, I was even tired of my children!  (I know, I know!  It's horrible and I'm sure no other mother in the world has ever felt that way.  Right?)

I was tired of cleaning anything just to have it messed up again later.  I was tired of constantly picking up Mr. Wonderful's socks wherever he decided to shed them.  I was doing way too much - trying to be superwoman.  I was just plain tired.  And, stressed.  

Funny how tiredness and stress seems to go hand in hand.  

I've always, from as far as I could remember, loved the Lord.  Now, I didn't say I always 'did what I knew I should', but I did love Him.  No matter how crazy I got, He never left me.  He continued to show me massive love even while I insisted I was 'going crazy'.  See, I realize now the importance of my words.  Back then, I would tell myself on a regular basis how tired I was.  Or, how fed up I was with life, the family, the kids, the job, you name it.  I almost had myself convinced they would all be better off if I just ran away.  

But God.  He shows us such Grace.  He even gives us Grace for His Grace!  

One day not too long ago, God took me on a journey.  He invited me to rest, to soak in His presence, His love...I had to release my heart, you know, those things you just cling to - the anger, or bitterness that had somehow found its way into my heart.  I had to 'get a grip' as my mom would say.  

That is how this blog came to be.  

Doing one great thing every day is now my mantra - my way to live.  These may be small great things or large great things, it could be something as simple as big ol' pot of the best homemade mashed potatoes you've ever tasted to a great DIY painted area rug for my daughters room for less than $20.  It could be for me, my family or for a stranger!  It can be absolutely anything!  

Now, I wake up every morning with a sense of expectation and readiness.  I even used one my great things to buy Mr. Wonderful his very own hamper, now when he tosses his socks, it's not on the floor.  See how one great thing turns into another?  

Throughout this blog, I hope to inspire you to do your own great things.  And if you do, let me know!  I'd love to learn from you and vice versa...maybe I'll even feature it on the blog!

I have just become a Certified Wedding Planner!! Who says dreams can't come true?!  If you are in the Central Alabama area and need a Wedding or Event Planner, please message me. I would love to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!  :)