The Best Websites You Never Knew Existed!

There is so much on the web nowadays, it's hard to locate exactly what you want when you want it.  Until now, that is.  I have found some of the very best and useful websites that I'm sure you're never heard of.  

Most of my readers are moms who work in Direct Sales.  This occupation can be more stressful than 'normal' jobs and if you aren't organized and always thinking of the next step, you can run into giant brick walls.  I for one, do not enjoy getting my face smashed into brick walls so these sites help me to save time and remember all the pertinent things that rumble within my head.

Every Monday in July, we will showcase a few of the best sites we've found on the net.  Please bookmark us.  :)  We enjoy comments tremendously so if these sites are helpful to you or you have a site we should feature, please let us know.  

Planning a Party or Event

When you want to organize a party or event, one of the first things you have to do is find a time that works for everyone. For many people, this involves lots of emails or phone calls being made and even then, there’s always people who can’t be available at the time.  Before you know it, your inbox is full of messages from multiple people declining because of conflicting dates. eases this pain by allowing you to determine the best time with all the participants you wish to invite.  I think this is a great tool for moms in Direct Sales!  :)

Free Email Tracking

For those of us who send out hundreds of emails a month on leads, this can be a very useful service.  No longer will you wonder if that potential downline member or customer got your email. is a simple tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the reipient opens your message.  It works with virtually all email programs.

SpyPig: Free email tracking system - Find out when your email has been read by recipient!

Schedule Your Social Updates lets you schedule your social updating in advance.  Compose a FaceBook status post or a Twitter update now and it will posted at the future time you select in the settings.  BufferApp also recommend the best times when your posts should be scheduled to maximize optimum reach.