Clean Your Fans Daily

I have a small fan that I use when I sleep. It had gotten so dirty and dusty (don' lol) that it wasn't cooling. The fan would spin and spin but there was no coolness or wind to be felt. Probably all the dust and gunk that I had allowed to get in there...

So, in my deperation for a cool nights sleep, I jerked it up and took it outside. I turned on the water hose and almost killed my poor little fan spraying all the dust off. I wiped, cleaned, and fussed & cussed (again, no judging) for about 30 minutes. Mainly mad at myself for letting it get this bad...

But isn't this just like life? How many times have we let ourselves go to the point that our lives and thoughts are just filled with dusty crap? How many times have we prayed for a refreshing breeze only to have it stifiled by our own junk? <sigh>

God gives us such Grace and Mercy but just like this fan, we can get so clogged up with the junk that this life brings and we can prevent ourselves from feeling Him and thereby knowing how much He loves us. 

Sure, His Grace and Love are there for the taking but if we don't protect it, and love it and make sure it's running properly, we can clog up the connection. Not by His doing, but by ours.

I don't know... I guess it's just so important for us to remember who we are, what we are, and make sure we clean our fans daily. 

Have a breezy day, y'all. ♥