Healthy Popsicle Poppers

How cute are these?! Since my healthy eating kick has turned into a full blown change of lifestyle, I've had to get really creative in making myself healthy cold treats - since ice cream is my absolute fave.  
I saw these at a party once and knew I would have to try them. They were super easy and only include 3 ingredients. Coconut milk, mango juice and strawberry banana juice is all it took to make these healthy Popsicle poppers.  

How it's done:

Gather your ingredients. I used a can of coconut milk with a 1 tsp. of sugar and poured them in a plastic ice cube tray. Pop it in the freezer and when it's hard, take out and make some scratches on the top with a fork and pour a layer of strawberry banana. After that layer is frozen, do the fork thing and layer the mango. Freeze till solid and enjoy!  

You can tell I got a little impatient and my strawberry banana layer kind of bled into the milk but I got a couple that looked pretty good. And, they were definitely tasty!