Embrace Change, Embrace Life

Sometimes, life throws at us the most unforgiving circumstances, and we try and wade through to the best of our ability, getting soaked to the bone and gasping for breath as we try so hard to stay above the water. You wake up one day to a pretty normal life and by bedtime, your world is completely changed... It's not fair and it's not fun but it is what it is... it's life. 

The only thing we can do in this situation; the only solution to the pain of heartache (on any level) is to just try to accept that changes will *always* come, life evolves and moves, lending itself to adventures you never would have taken had this 'change' never happened.

Embrace change...welcome it, even if it hurts...because when you do, you will embrace life. And that's when things get good...

Be adventurous today friends.

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