The Mistborn Trilogy

Normally, I'm a 'judge the book by the cover' sort of person.  I'm not happy to have to admit that but it's the truth.  So, when I was given the opportunity to read and review Mistborn : Final Empire Series (Book #1) , I sighed and waited 3 days before opening to the first page.  

This was the first I've read from Brandon Sanderson and I have to say, I'm impressed.  It has to be one of the most entertaining fantasy series I've read in some time!  

What you get:

1.  Two original, yet opposite races/creatures with no vampires,  or werewolves in sight!

2.  New well-thought out magic systems using metals.  (The ability to manipulate emotions, magnetize yourself, etc.)

3.  A mysterious world of ash and mist which is just as interesting a character as any of others.  

4. Epic battles and assassins that make ninjas look like cripples. (No offense to cripples, you're just not known for your hand to hand combat skills.)

5. A god emperor that can have a name like "Lord Ruler" and still be terrible and frighting.  

Sanderson write a believable world, even with it being a fantasy world.  His world is dark and oppressive.  Evil is truly evil.  His heroic characters are real people with flaws, psychological damage, prejudices, desires for vengeance and completely human struggles with morality and ethics.  Even his villains are dynamic and believable with motivations that are the understandable results of their lives. 

Sanderson has developed a world that is alien to us and yet something we can relate to.  It is fascinating in it's differences and intriguing in it's similarities.  His action sequences are dynamic, creating images in your mind not unlike those seen in the Matrix.  

This series is refreshing, awe inspiring and is evidence of an author with such skill that I believe his works to stand in the top echelon of fantasy authors.  Read this series, it will open the door to a world unlike anything you have ever imagined.      Mistborn Trilogy