Stag Horn Ferns!

Well, I don't think I've ever seen anything as cool as this!  And, am I the ONLY one that's just now learned about these terrific plants??  How could I have not known they were out there - just waiting to be hung all over my walls...

They're called Stag Horn Ferns and it grows without its roots in soil.  They produce 2 types of fronds; one type is the branched frond that gives the plant its name. The other round, flat frond forms a collar around the branched fronds. The round frond may be 3 to 4 inches across on young plants but 3 to 4 feet across on older plants. Ideal temperatures are between 60 degrees and 80 degrees. It prefers bright, but indirect light.  Sounds like it will fit in quite nicely in humid Alabama.  

I found some on Amazon of all places - they really DO have everything - only $6.89 for a 4inch pot.  Not too shabby for a swanky plant you can bet not many people have in their homes.    At least no one I know has one...   :)

DIY Mounted Staghorn Ferns

staghorn ferns on beachwood...

staghorn ferns