Hanging Gardens

So, I've been obsessed lately with hanging gardens.  I guess it's because we just moved into this house and though I love it (and prayed every day for it), I find myself a little bummed out about the yard space.  Before, my family had 3 acres to roam, play and plant whatever we wanted (not that we did, but we could if we wanted to).  Now, we live in town.  (and for those of you who don't know - 'town' is where we go to buy stuff.  you know, the big city..)  Since space is such a premium in town, I thought 'well, let's hang stuff!'

Because the hubs has put me on a budget, I have to think a little more creatively.  I found a few things on pinterest that I love.  Which ones do you like best??

I was so excited when I came across this one - I ran into the bedroom because I JUST saw one of these in a box somewhere that I'd been unpacking!  After tearing through all the boxes, and looking through drawers, and questioning all the children, my husband wandered into the room and told me he'd taken it TO THE DUMP!  Really?!  Why would you do that?!  Of course, by his reckoning, he'd done me a favor by taking off the trash.  Sooo, this waits to another day.  Maybe I should call my mother-in-law - she has everything!

This one - I can totally do TODAY!  And, I just might!  I have a ton of these little tins from way back and couldn't figure out what in the world to do with them.  Mine are all pastel pink and lilac - certainly not the colors I want but a little spray paint could remedy that quick!  

Okay.  I adore this.  I think it's an effective way of up-cycling that could be very swanky.  I would paint the board in a cool wallpaper scrap, or a fabo color (2nd from the top), use vinyl lettering in a swanky font and maybe use a ribbon/decorative hanger.  THIS could be my next project - super easy and great tutorial here!   

So, there you have it.  The top 3 contenders for my next hanging garden project...which one do you like best?  Which seems to be the least costly?  I think I'm going to do the coke bottle one and possibly the shoe organizer (if my MIL has one hiding away somewhere).  Check back next week for results!  :)