Beauty Essentials Giveaway!

If you are a regular reader of ParsiSwank, you know I love giveaways! I can't help it. It's just something about winning something that gives me the warm and fuzzies.  

This time, Parsimonious Swank is teaming up with Spectacular She in celebrating her 1000th Facebook Fan!  This giveaway starts soon so if you have a blog or website and want in on what's to become a very happening ans swanky giveaway, then keep reading and click the link at the end of the post.  
We'd love to have you join us!

Giveaway banner!

>>>>>Free/Paid Blogger Event<<<<<

OPEN TO US AND CANADA – Event Dates are from July 19th to August 2nd. Signups close July 17th

The more bloggers pitch in = the better the prize = the more traffic/fans brought in = the bigger the success!

Prize: Beauty Essentials – A basket of must-have products suggested put together using a list of suggestions from participating bloggers.

Check out the current prizes here.

1. Think of your favorite must-have beauty item.
2. Gather links that you would like promoted through the entry form.
3. Fill out the form and send money via PayPal (if applicable).
4. I will purchase from the list of suggestions I receive from bloggers who have signed up, and the rest will be out of my pocket.
FREE link with Announcement post. You can use the post found at ( and edit it to suit your blog. If you do not want to post the announcement, you can still purchase links below.
 Choose from the following entries:
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Blog Lovin’, and Twitter, Daily entries/votes or Comments.
Additional links are 1/$5, 2/$9, or 3/$12.
Co-host spot – $15
- backlink
- photo of you :)
- your choice of five links/entries
Each Co-Host must submit a 300×300 photo of themselves once they are reached out to by me so they can be featured in the HTML post <3
–You can combine this with the free link for a total of six links if you have an announcement posted.

You need to post the giveaway on time and promote it at least three times a week on each social media site you have. If this is something you’re not willing to do, please refrain from signing up this time around. I ask this simply so each blog gets the most out of this giveaway.
$15 Paypal Cash to the blogger with the most referrals (more than four).
Any questions can be sent to

Sign up here.

If you sign up, please tell her I sent you.  In the referral box, just type in Parsimonious Swank or Heather Wilson-Smith.  Thank you.  :)