Flirty Skirts: Week of Wishes

Whoa nelly, have you seen these skirts from Modcloth?!  <swoon>  

The first one is a fantastic pleather knee length skirt that would look great on just about any body shape. Perfect for special events, this skirt is certainly one that will stand out from the crowd - and I bet at least 3 of your girlfriends ask you where you got it.  :)  

I think it's the buttons on this skirt that gives me the warm fuzzies deep within my soul. And maybe the fact that it's navy blue; perhaps, it could be the swanky pockets and the a-line twirlability that it offers. Either way, this skirt is definitely on my 'omg, I have GOT to have it now' list. Come on, you have one of those lists too, right?  :)

<swoon> These wide pleats are divine and the color screams summer sweetness. Perfect for church, brunch, Saturdays at the park and shopping with friends. Oh, and did you see the wheat colored waistband? Cute, right?  

This skirt isn't actually in stock yet but you can sign up to get notified by email when they receive their first shipment. The color is amazing. I love this  shade of yellow and the fat polka dots give it a whimsical touch without overpowering it. That means this skirt is not only perfect for the workplace but for a day casually strolling through town. 

'Vegan faux leather' makes up this skirts flirty a-line features. Showcasing cutouts along the edge, this skirt is to.die.for. This piece would certainly make a fun and flirty addition to any closet. Oh, and don't forget the twirlability factor has to be in the nether regions.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite - or do you hate them all? I'd love to hear your thoughts!  :)  

Wishing you a week of fulfilled wishes!

Week of Wishes is a weekly post of the things that I've found, googled, pinned, or otherwise saved in the hope of purchasing, crafting, or studying in the near future. Basically, it's a wish list that sometimes gets filled.

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