DIY Weekly Round Up| Weddings!

Okay, so most of you know that I'm on wedding duty for my niece. She's getting married in October and we're basically putting it together ourselves - we're getting loads of ideas from pinterest but we're also getting ideas from the world wide web. At this point, we've basically all our 'to-do's down on paper so all that's left is to get busy. (that's the hard part!) lol The more ideas we have, the more ideas we find so narrowing everything down has been quite challenging. Here's a few ideas we came across this week.  
Who knows, you may need 'em! 

Each picture will link to the appropriate website and the caption contains the credit.  

Adventures In Dressmaking

Bridal Guide|Teacup Candle Favors

Bridal Guide|Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

Rustic Wedding Chic

Rustic Wedding Chic

Honestly WTF

Martha Stewart