It Works! - An Honest Review

I'm sure you've heard of It Works! You know, the company that sells those body wraps you see all over facebook? If you haven't heard of them, no worries. I've got the lowdown on the products and whether or not you should waste your time.

What is It Works!?

It Works! is a direct selling company that offers beauty and wellness body wraps, pills and creams that are somewhat affordable. I say somewhat because depending on your diet budget, this may or may not be within your reach. There are no products above $23 Loyal Customer pricing. However, to receive this Loyal Customer pricing, it is necessary for you to join their autoship program. There's a 3 month minimum unless you want to pay a one time cancellation fee of $50.

Depending on your weight loss goals, the autoship program can be a fabulous thing. You never have to remember to order your products and that means no excuses!  :)

The average It Works! customer are females who have extra money in their budget. The prices are more than people on a paycheck to paycheck budget could handle (I say this not to offend but to inform). A box of 4 wraps is $69 (if you plan on signing up for the 3 month autoship program). If you don't sign up for the autoship orgram, then that box of 4 wraps is $115! 
There aren't many people I know that have that kind of money to put towards their diet budget.

On the other hand, in February 2012, I started using (and later became a distributor) of It Works! I have to say, honestly, that the products worked.  For me. I feel the need to emphasize that. It Works'! current policy warns against using certain verbiage like, lose inches or lose weight. They like to remain pretty non-committal in their weight loss claims. Not that I blame them! If you say, 'Lose weight with IW', then it's expected that you will lose weight. It becomes a guarantee. It Works! can't afford to be handing out guarantees as you can understand. 

But, the products did work. I used a combination of ThermoFit and Regular on a daily basis from March 1, 2012 to August 15, 2012. Within that time, I lost a total of 48 lbs. Not too shabby. Especially since I have always had a weight problem. It Works! allowed me to regain my life back! My self confidence soared through the roof and I found myself feeling a lot happier and a lot more loving towards my hubby. ;)

I stopped taking the products after 3 months because frankly, I don't like to take pills. And, it wouldn't be a lie if I told you that I just couldn't spend any money on it.  

Is it worth the time?

During that time, I became a DT (Distributor). Partly because of the special they were running ('you can earn up to $10K!') and the discount I would recieve by purchasing the business kit ($99 and included a 4 pk of wraps and business materials like brochures, blitz cards and order forms).

At the beginning, things went along nicely. I built a fairly good team and was making commission steadily for a few months. It Works! pays its DT's by giving them a percentage of their sales to Loyal Customers (normally 25%). This makes it necessary for you to have several Loyal Customers signed up under you each and every month. Loyal Customers are the customers that sign up for a 3 month autoship. This is the hardest part of the business. Keeping Loyal Customers proves to be the downfall of most It Works DT's. 

Another downfall is the amount of It Works DT's. If you have never seen or met an It Works DT then you are one of a minority, my friend. One quick search in Facebook send hundreds of results from Independant It Works Distributors. In other words, the market is flooded! 

From a customers perspective, IW is a great company. Customer service is always on time with any questions or concerns you may have and have on numerous occassions gone out of their way to make sure their cusotmers are satisfied during times of backorders and shipping dilemas.

The Bottom Line

It Works is great for losing weight and/or detoxing your body but if you want to become a Distributor, know that it will take work. I would venture to say you would need to work on this business a few hours each day. Sales calls to boutiques, spas and salons in your area is a must along with daily posting on social media. It's not impossible to succeed at It Works! There are many DT's that are currently making their living by selling It Works! alone. It can be done. It's just not very easy for the majority of sign ups.

Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post in any shape, form or fashion. I wrote this review based solely on my experience as a It Works! DT and It Works! customer. The links throughout this post link to a current It Works! Distributor that I know personally. I will not get paid for any clicks within this post