Is there anything better than burlap?  I love it!  The rustic texture lends itself well to becoming a very swanky addition when it's all said and done.  Here are a few examples...

monogrammed burlap.
I swear if my man child ever asks his precious to marry him (I mean, he's had the ring since Christmas but he's nervous...lol), this is what I want to do on the chairs.  I love it.  It's so pretty and very swanky.

monogrammed burlap pillow

A very simple pillow.  Just cut your squares, sew them up and add your stuffing.  I'm not sure what they used for the lettering but I think a simple acrylic paint would suffice - well, it's what I have on hand anyway.  :)

Burlap Valance

Very swanky indeed!  I have tons of coffee sacks I scored on ebay one day - this would be a really cute in any room of the house, although I think mine will go in my kitchen!  :)  It looks easy enough - hardly any stitching.  But, I will put a full tutorial up once I attempt this!  :)